Hoswin Incinerator Pvt. Ltd. 

Madhya Pradesh's First and Biggest Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility 

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Facility:   196 A, Sector F, Sanwer Road Industrial Area, Indore (M.P.)

Office:   363-A, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Main Road, Indore (M.P.) 452010

Phone: +91 93000 96633 


A Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility (CBWTF) is a set up where biomedical waste generated from member health care facilities is imparted necessary treatment to reduce adverse effects that this waste may pose on human health and environment. The treated recyclable waste may finally be sent for disposal in a secured landfill or for recycling.

According to the Bio-medical Waste Management Rules, 2016, "bio-medical waste treatment and disposal facility" means any facility wherein treatment, disposal of bio-medical waste or processes incidental to such treatment and disposal is carried out, and includes common bio-medical waste treatment facilities and "operator of a common bio-medical waste treatment facility" means a person who owns or controls a Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility (CBWTF) for the collection, reception, storage, transport, treatment, disposal or any other form of handling of bio-medical waste.

The CBWTFs are also required to set up based on the need for ensuring environmentally sound management of bio-medical waste keeping in view the techno-economic feasibility and viable operation of the facility with minimal impact on human health and environment.